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CALM Minutes 10-16-2010

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Central Appalachian Lutheran Ministries Minutes
October 16, 2010
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Johnson City, TN

Members Present:

Bethlehem Holy Trinity, Bristol TN/VA
Pastor Steve Harmon Pastor Aaron Kangas
Susan Burkey Kevin Stamp
Isaac James


Pastor Erwin Lueker
Pastor Paul Becker Marilyn Boeker
Pastor Jack McWhirter Wayne Boeker
Ladell McWhirter Thomas Spence
Frauke Darnell R. L. Shambaugh

Hawkins County Our Savior
Tom Kyner Rev. John Freitag


  • President Tom Kyner called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.
  • Pastor Jack McWhirter presented the devotions from Ephesians 9:10 – The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary” followed by prayer.
  • The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as printed.
  • The treasurer’s report was presented with a balance of $15,383.21 in the checking account and $34,861.26 in the LCEF account.
  • One bill from Frauke Darnell for $18.60 for a lamp for a Scott county resident was presented for reimbursement. This bill had been previously approved for payment.
  • She is also looking for a book shelf for this person.


Deacons and Parish Assistants – There are currently four in the class which meets on Saturday mornings and is currently studying “Church History.”



  • A Fall Festival is planned for October 30 as the 3rd net-fishing event. Lots of fun activities will take place for the community from 1-4 p.m. at the church.
  • Isaac James was introduced as the new part-time youth director for Bethlehem.


  • The up-coming week will be Concordia’s week to host Interfaith Hospitality Network families.
  • The “Letters from Dad” workshop will take place on October 30th.
  • For the Rummage Sale, information was put in the bags about the church as people checked out.
  • Concordia is now in a re-organization mode with a five team approach.
  • There will be a special Reformation service on October 31st – only one service – with a German meal following the service.
  • A prayer walk in scheduled for December


  • There are 25-35 worshiping each week. Linda Peevely will serve as the CALM representative and will attend the November meeting in Rogersville.

Hawkins County

  • Services continue each week at 4:00 p.m.

Mountain Side, Linville, NC

  • Pastor Quackenboss cannot attend the Saturday meetings. Members were reminded that Camp Linn Haven is an excellent place for retreats, etc.


  • After the worship service on October 17th, there will be congregational meeting to discuss calling a pastor. Pastor Romig has resigned as vacancy pastor and is leaving the LCMS Roster.


  • Children’s Church continues to thrive. Elaine Sheets is writing a children’s Christmas program
  • Concern was expressed about students at ETSU. Susan Burkey was recommended as a contact person with ETSU.
  • A young man has expressed interest in the ministry and Pastor Lueker has counseled with him.

VA Mission

  • No report

Scott County

  • Bible study is continuing with 5-8 in attendance.

Holy Trinity

  • On October 3rd, there were 11 visitors for Friendship Sunday
  • There are currently 3 in Adult Confirmation.
  • There are approximately 25 in attendance in worship each week.
  • Two baptisms are scheduled for the next month.
  • They have been involved in the local food bank
  • Trunk-n-Treat is scheduled for October 29 with tracts to be given out.
  • On October 31st, the two pastors who have served them in the past months will be recognized.
  • A family game night is planned for the future.
  • They are working concessions at TN High games.
  • The website is up and running.


Media – No report

Outreach Men – the group has met but no report ready Outreach – General – Ladell McWhirter asked for guidance as to what is expected from the group

Outreach Women – No report

Youth – Susan Burkey, Pastor Becker and Isaac James have met and want to encourage area youth attend Higher Ground and Captive Free. Burkey moved that $2,000 be appropriated for 2011 to encourage and assist youth from the churches to attend these events. Seconded and carried.


  • Information will be forthcoming to the area churches about the Piano Recital in Kingsport at Mayfair United Methodist Church
  • The November 20th meeting will be at St. Henry’s Church, 114 Hwy 70 N. in Rogersville
  • There will be no meeting in December.


  • A schedule of meetings for 2011 needs to be set up.
  • The McWhirters will host the January meeting – on January 7th – an Epiphany Dinner. More information at the next meeting.
  • An Orientation to Seminary event will be held in St. Louis. Pastor Lueker moved that $500.00 be provided by CALM to help with expenses. Seconded. Motion then amended to change the amount to $350.00. No second. Motion Withdrwan.
  • Pastor Freitag moved that CALM provide Brian Doucette up to $250.00(not to exceed the actual travel costs) to attend the Seminary event. Seconded and carried. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement.
  • It was agreed that the 3rd Saturday of the month is an acceptable day for CALM Meeting. It was also suggested that a yearly retreat be held at Camp Linn Haven.
  • It was suggested that there needs to be some revision in the by-laws. Ladell McWhirter will review and bring by-laws to the November meeting.
  • Being no further business, Pastor Lueker moved to adjourn. Seconded and carried.
  • The meeting closed with The Doxology.

Susan Burkey
Recording Secretary